Feeling stressed out? Head to Dubai's first Smash Room

Feeling stressed out? Head to Dubai's first Smash Room




Smash your stress away…

We’re all susceptible to one of those rough days. The ones where nothing goes right; where your family are doing your head in; where you want to pick up the nearest object and hurl it at a brick wall. 

Sadly, it’s not socially acceptable to start destroying a room – unless you’re a rock star of course. Most of us mere mortals don’t have a stockpile of expendable things we can simply smash to bits for a little me-time, nor the time or patience to deal with the post-meltdown cleanup.

Enter Dubai’s first “Smash Room”, where you can smash out all of your frustrations, no life coach or counselling session required. It’s basically a rebel’s version of a day spa.

Located in Al Quoz, The Smash Room is filled with old furniture, TVs, laptops, and mannequins collected from donations (which you can help with, by the way). Everything here is expendable: go ahead, grab a chair and chuck it across the room. Throw a plant at the computer screen. Stomp on the telephone. Grab a cricket bat and show that lamp who’s boss. 

A ‘therapy’ session comes with a few options: “The quickie” includes one large, two medium and eight small items to destroy for Dhs99. You can bump that up to the “smash and dash” session, with one electronic, five medium, and 12 small items for Dhs149. And for those harbouring some serious rage, “The Big Bang” will run you Dhs249 and includes more smashing fun that you’ll know what to do with. 


There’s even an option to head inside The Smash Room with a friend (or foe) in their “Two to Tango” package. Just remember not to take your anger out on them, OK?

The Smash Room will be officially up and running on Sunday, March 18. We’ll be there with bells (and helmets) on.


The Smash Room, Umm Sequim Road, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, Sun to Wed 11am to 10pm, Thur to Sat 9am to 11pm. Tel: (058) 1982323. thesmashroom.ae


This article was first published on What's On AE: https://whatson.ae/2018/03/inside-dubais-first-smash-room/