The Smash Room Takes a Dip into Childhood Fun at Quoz Arts Fest!

The Smash Room Takes a Dip into Childhood Fun at Quoz Arts Fest!


Published on Feb 2, 2023

Yep! we did it again.

The Smash Room was part of this year's Quoz Arts Fest and it was a blast! We got to showcase our unique concept of shifting and this time, we went all out with a " shifting to childhood" theme. And let me tell you, the highlight of the show was our exclusive Bubble Wrap Experience.

We transformed part of warehouse 1 into a sea of bubbles with a pool filled with the good stuff. You heard right, a whole pool filled with bubble wrap! And the best part, it was open for anyone to dive into. All you had to do was take off your shoes (but don't worry, socks were a must!) and let the madness begin.

Our partner, SocksApart, even hooked us up with some cool polka-dot socks to match the joyful colors of the theme. With over 35,000 visitors, we attracted the young and the young at heart. Everyone had a blast popping, sliding, and jumping in the sea of bubbles.

At the Smash Room, we believe in being environmentally friendly and at Quoz Arts Fest, we continued this tradition by making sure every piece of plastic used was recycled.

It was great to partner with Al Serkal Avenue and we can't wait for the next event.

Until then, keep popping and enjoy the memories!