The Smash Room : The Ultimate Way To Release Stress

The Smash Room : The Ultimate Way To Release Stress


Published on Oct 20, 2022

Our wonderful community once shared:

" I'm here cause I'm angry"

'I needed this"

'My boss sent me here'

'I brought my mom'

"It's our 1st sobriety anniversary"

'It's her birthday'

'His ex keeps texting him, we need this!'

'We want to try something new'

'My son is shy, I brought him to express himself'

" I did not cry for almost 2 years"

" I'm here for me"

Stress-relief theories suggest that yelling, screaming, slamming doors, and smashing things are stress-relieving actions when we're mad.

We are triggered by many things, including relationship snags, traumas, family issues, and even daily stresses.

If you are raging, your heart may be pounding, your ears ringing, and you may be sweaty, hot, and red-faced. Your mind doesn’t work clearly, but you know that you need to punch something.

We provide a safe venting space to help you clear your mind and gain a glimpse of liberty amid life's challenges.

No matter what you're going through, stop by The Smash Room and we guarantee you won't be the same person when you leave.

Do it for yourself!

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