The Smash Room launches first-ever smash-at-home kit

The Smash Room launches first-ever smash-at-home kit

Written by Reema Rahman

April 01, 2020 9:36 AM


It’s time to smash away all that pent up stress…

If you're feeling a little stressed at the moment there are ways to combat it. Firstly, check out one of these meditation apps. But if that's not cutting it, it might be time to, safely, smash out all that pent up stress.

The Smash Room – you know, that place where you can demolish an entire room full of TVs, laptops, printers, plates and more – is now offering an at-home smash kit that can be delivered straight to your door.

The home kit comes with a rubber hammer, a DVD player, a pair of gloves, and some toilet paper thrown in for good measure – because, why not?

The smash box also comes with a set of guidelines and safety tips and it’s pretty self-explanatory to use, too – pop the hygienic gloves on, take the rubber hammer out, place the electronic box on a sturdy table or on the floor and then smash it all up (sorry, this time the tidying is on you).

As well as being a pretty strenuous workout, it’s heaps of fun! 

The Smash Room recycles an average of 15,000 electronics every year so when it’s safe to venture to out, make sure to do your part and recycle the smashed electronics.

The box is Dhs99 plus delivery and can be delivered anywhere within the UAE. To place your order, send them a text or WhatsApp on 058 198 2323 or message them via Instagram (@thesmashroomdxb).

Dhs99 (plus delivery). (058 198 2323).


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