We’ve all just wanted to smash something, right ?

Has your team been smashing their targets? Or maybe they need a smash to get their sh*t together. We take team building and bonding to a whole new flippin' level! Let's give your team something to talk about the next time they huddle near the water cooler.

Packages includes

  • Electronic ( CPU or DVD player)
  • TV shared between 2 smashers
  • You can bring your own stuff to break for FREE
  • Free ice breaker games (ex. Human Knot, Mine Field, or you can request your own game)
  • 15 glass items

price per smasher

47% Discount

From420 AED

To197 AED

And Many More... Minimum of 6 Smasher up to 50 Smashers 20 Smashers for 60 Minutes & 20 Above smashers for 120 Minutes 50% Downpayment upon confirmation We can arrange food upon request